Atomic-Scale Holography with Photoelectrons and X-Rays


Our holographic programs are designed to produce atomic-scale images by holographic reconstruction from experimental photoelectron and x-ray diffraction data.

Five reconstruction methods are available as separate programs:

Supplied are a few ancillary programs for normalizing and filtering/fitting raw experimental intensities.

Also supplied for test purposes is a program to calculate simulated x-ray holographic intensities.

Simulated photoelectron holographic intensities can be calculated with the MSCD program package for photoelectron diffraction, available at this site.


Documentation is provided in the file Holo-doc(Word2003).doc, which is included in the downloaded container file

Computer platforms

The container file should be unzipped with WinZip (or equivalent) on a PC/Windows system. The holographic programs are written in FORTRAN. They can run on any computer for which a FORTRAN compiler is available.

Conditions of use

The programs can be downloaded for free and may be freely used, but not distritibuted. We ask that new users obtain copies from this web site. No guarantee of correct results can be given: the calculations are performed at the users' own risk.


The authors require that an acknowledgment be included in publications, such as: "The calculations were performed using the Berkeley Holographic Package." Also, a reference to the origin of the program should be included in your publications, as follows:

Downloading the Holographic Package


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